We had the chance to visit a Costa Rican soccer (futbol) game during our trip. It was so cool. Before the game, there was a crazy performance with dancers in costumes, cheerleaders doing flips, and a live band. The other pictures are from my birthday and our last night. Our group of thirty study abroad students became as close as a family during our trip together. It was a great group of people and they ended up becoming great friends. They even surprised me with a birthday cake and a card signed by everyone! The dancers and the view of Costa Rica are from our last night there. We went to a fancy restaurant up in the mountains, ate great food, and watched awesome choreographed dancing.

These are a few pictures from white water rafting in Limon! I almost skipped this excursion; but, it ended up being one of my favorite trips…such beautiful landscaping! We got to swim through a canyon while the current was slow. That was my favorite part!

La Paz Waterfall Gardens was a great excursion with tons of amazing animals, scenery, and, best of all, waterfalls! There was a hummingbird garden where the hummingbirds come to feed in the open and fly past you at what seemed like 40mph. I was also able to hold a toucan which, for me, was just awesome!

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most famous protected rainforests in Costa Rica. Once you hike through the rainforest, you end up on a beautiful beach. I didn’t see too much wildlife along the path of the park. Our hotel was a five minute walk from the front gate; so, we happened to see wild monkeys around the second- floor pool of the hotel. A few of us even fed them bananas that they are eating in the pictures! I couldn’t believe the way they jumped around the trees with their babies on their backs.

Tortuga Island was a great day! My favorite thing about the cruise ship was that there were nets that hung above the water to sit or lay in when the ship was moving. The beach was so beautiful! We saw crabs, macaws, and horses there. I even went banana boating for the first time at Tortuga Island. A lot of people went snorkeling also but I stayed behind and enjoyed the beach.

These are the hanging bridges of La Fortuna Waterfall. Let me just say that I am scared of heights and almost didn’t go on this excursion; but, I am so glad that I did! Once I got over my fear, it was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life - walking over the top of the rainforest. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! 

A few of our first excursions were going to a coffee plantation and an oxcart factory. Those excursions might not sound like the most exciting; but, they were full of natural beauty and made Costa Rican history real to us. Another thing I will NEVER forget is the giant tour bus rides we took through the entire mountainous country to get to all of these different places!

My first day on our way to Costa Rica, I was pretty nervous but at the same time excited! The plane ride there had some pretty cool views. I heard we flew over a pretty big storm. I ended up staying in one of the nicest neighborhoods in all of San Jose. And, to go along with that, I stayed with one of the most amazing, loving, respectful families I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.